The Faculty Association of the University of St. Thomas


FAUST Committee Structures - General Guidelines


The FAUST constitution (8.07.2) directs the FAUST Executive Committee to oversee all committees, as listed below.

Standing committees of FAUST:


1. Communications committee

2. Benefits committee

3. Equity committee

4. Health and safety committee

5. Part-time issues committee

6. Social committee

7. Grievance committee


Joint committees:

8. Joint committee
9. Harassment policy

Ad hoc offices (not necessarily subject to the guidelines below):

Bargaining committee
CAUT defence fund representative
Grievance officer(s)
Negotiating team


In general, the Executive Committee shall issue a call for expressions of interest in service on the above committees in March of each year. Members may also be actively recruited by the Executive Committee. Normally committees shall have at least 3 members (including a chair) but the optimal number shall be determined at the discretion of the Executive Committee, in consultation with committee chairs. New committee members shall normally be appointed by the Executive Commitee, with renewable terms of two years beginning July 1, but additional members may be added at any time, in consultation with committee chairs. Updated committee membership lists shall be publicly available on the FAUST website. Each committee shall have written terms of reference, publicly available on the FAUST website, as drafted and periodically revised (as necessary) by the Executive Committee, in consultation with committee chairs. Committees shall normally be chaired by Executive Members or their Appointees. It is the Executive Committee's responsibility to oversee this, with approval of the executive.

Committees shall hold at least 2 meetings per academic year, with quorum of 2 members. Committee members unable or unwilling to attend meetings at least once per year shall be removed at the discretion of the Executive Committee. Ad hoc replacement members may be named at any time by the Executive Committee, with approval the relevant committee chair. Committees shall submit a written report detailing their yearly activities (completed and projected) to the Executive Committee by March of each year; these will be made public on the FAUST website and individual reports shall be presented by the committee chairs to the membership at the April AGM. The FAUST President shall issue a formal letter of thanks to all serving committee members at the end of each academic year (April). In cases of conflict between committee members, issues shall be brought to the FAUST executive by the President for discussion.

May 6, 2013


Committee membership as of May 2013

1. Communications committee: Bonnie Huskins (chair) Jean Sauvageau, Colm Kelly

2. Benefits committee: Mary Lou Babineau (chair), Dev Gupta, Gary Hughes, Sara Macdonald, Peter Toner, Suzanne Prior, Sathy Samira, Samira Farhoud

3. Equity committee: Robin Vose (chair), D'Arcy Vermette, Omar Basabe, Aamir Jamal, Arielle Dylan, Samira Farhoud

4.Health & Safety committee: Janet Mullin (chair), Josephine Savarese, Joe Masciulli, Mikhail Malchonov

5. Part-Time Issues committee: Bonnie Huskins & Moira McLaughlin (co-chairs), Janet Mullin, Linnet Humble, Haydee Sainz

6.Social committee: Bonnie Huskins & Robin Vose (co-chair), Jasmina Terzioska, Ian Nicholson

7.Grievance committee: Jeannette Gaudet (Senior Grievance Officer)