The Faculty Association of the University of St. Thomas


Important Dates



PT Appointments:

  • Annual staffing allocation:  after consultation, Deans shall communicate allocation to Department Chairs, `normally’ no later than JANUARY 1 (Article 4.02).
  • Seniority List: VPA shall provide each Department, with copies to Union, a seniority list (course-specific & university-wide seniorities listed for each employee) by OCTOBER 31 (Article 5.03.3).
  • Discrepancies in Seniority List: Union must notify VPA of any discrepancies in the seniority list by DECEMBER 1 (Article 5.03.3 & 5.03.4). 
  • Course allocation for FT Employees: by FEBRUARY 28, Department Chairs shall propose course timetables for FT Employees (Article 5.05.1). 
  • Course allocations for Regular Appointments:by MARCH 15,the Department Chair shall identify which courses will be taught by Regular Appointment Employees (Article 5.05.1). 
  • Unstaffed course list: to be transmitted to Departments & the Union AND posted to the University website AND email notification sent to all Employees by MARCH 20(Article 5.05.4). 
  • Expressions of interest: PT Employees MUST express willingness to teach unstaffed courses by MARCH 31 (Article 5.05.5 & 5.05.6).
  • External competitions: Department Chair must propose recommendation of PTAC within15 WORKING DAYS of the application deadline (Article 5.06.3). 
  • Appeals process: applicants deemed unqualified have 10 WORKING DAYS to appeal to JPAAC (Article 5.07.1). 
  • Letters of Appointment: must be forwarded within 15 DAYS of the signing of contracts. Once signed, within 5 WORKING DAYS Employee’s name must be posted next to course listing on the University website AND Employee’s name added to timetable (Article 5.08.5 & 5.08.7).
  • Promotion applications: if a PT Employee wishes to apply for promotion in rank, they must submit an application to the Department Chair on or before NOVEMBER 30 (Article 6.01).

 FT Appointments:

  • Proposals to change number of established positions:
    • Department must submit written proposal to VPA by FEBRUARY 15; VPA recommends changes to President by MARCH 15 (Article 5.01.3).
    • VPA seeking a change to the number of established positions in any Department must make recommendation to the President by FEBRUARY 15; Department’s response to VPA’s recommendation must be sent to President by MARCH 15(Article 5.01.4).
    • VPA’s & Departments’ submissions shall be sent to CAAS which will make recommendations to Senate by APRIL 30(Article 5.01.5).
    • President decides on established positions by JUNE 15 (Article 5.01.7)
  • Proposals to fill vacant positions:
    • Department Chairs must make proposals to Presidentby MAY 15 (Article 5.02.2).
    • Decision to eliminate established positions will be transmitted by VPA to Department & Union within15 DAYS of the decision (Article 5.02.3).
    • Decision of President to fill position will be communicated to Department & Senate within 30 DAYS of the request (Article 5.02.4). If President’s decision is unsatisfactory to Department or Senate, CAAS may review and report within 30 DAYS; President shall respond to CAAS within 15 DAYS
  • Hiring procedures:
    • Hiring committee: within 5 WORKING DAYS after closing date, committee shall forward shortlist to VPA (Article 6.05.3).
    • within 5 DAYS following the interviews, VPA will meet with chair of hiring committee to discuss candidates (Article 6.05.5).
    • President will make decision on recommendation withina REASONABLE PERIOD OF TIME; if affirmative, President will make offer to candidate and advise Department Chair WITHOUT DELAY (Article 6.05.9)
  • Renewal, Promotion & Tenure:
    • Renewal: deadline for members submitting applications to Department Chair: SEPTEMBER 15(Article 9.01); deadline for Department committee to transmit recommendation re: renewal to Employee and CAPT: OCTOBER 15 (Article 9.02.6).
    • Tenure: deadline for members submitting applications to Department Chair: SEPTEMBER 30(Article 9.01); deadline for Department committee to transmit recommendation re: tenure to Employee and CAPT: OCTOBER 31 (Article 9.02.6).
    • Promotion to Professor: deadline for members submitting applications to Department Chair: SEPTEMBER 30(Article 9.01); deadline for Departmentcommitteeto transmit recommendation re: promotion to Employee and CAPT: OCTOBER 31 (Article 9.02.6).
    • Promotion to Assistant or Associate: deadline for members submitting applications to Department Chair: OCTOBER 31 (Article 9.01); deadline for Department committee to transmit recommendation re: promotion: NOVEMBER 30 (Article 9.02.6).
    • CAPT recommendations: for renewal, submitted to President and copied to applicant on or before NOVEMBER 15; for tenure,on or before DECEMBER 15; for promotion,on or before APRIL 30; when formal hearings are held, DEADLINES EXTENDED BY ONE MONTH(Article 9.03.6).
    • Extensions: if CAPT cannot make a timely recommendation, the committee may request  an extension of deadlines by writing to the University President and Union President; if extended, all subsequent deadlinesshall automatically be extended by the same number of days (Article 2.06.3).
    • President’s decision on renewal, promotion, or tenure: shall be communicated to Employee, CAPT and Department Chair within 30 DAYS of receipt of CAPT’s recommendation (Article 9.04.1); if CAPT cannot make a timely recommendation in accordance with the new deadlines outlined above, President will consult with Department committee and make decision within 2 WEEKS(Article
    • Grievance: if renewal, tenure or promotion is denied,Employee may launch a grievance (see FT CA Article 15).
  • Termination:
    • Resignation: Employee who wishes to resign must first consult Union and then notify President and Department Chair AS SOON AS POSSIBLE & no later than 4 MONTHS prior to the effective date of the resignation (Article 10.01).
    • Repudiation of Appointment: Appointment will be repudiated if Employee accepts FT appointment outside University without consent, or is absent from classes for 2 OR MORE CONSECUTIVE WEEKS during the teaching year, without leave or permission from VPA, except for “reasonable cause” (Article 11.02).
    • Arbitration: If termination is disputed, Union may take grievance directly to arbitration; if so, Union must inform VPA within 30 DAYS of President’s decision (Article 15.06.1).
    • Mutual termination: Appointment may be terminated by mutual agreement in writing AT ANY TIME (Article 11.03).
  •  Retirement:
    • Employee must provide at least 12 MONTHS written notice to VPA of intent to retire. The effective date will normally be either DECEMBER 31 or JUNE 30(Article 12.01).
    • Employees who attain age of 65 subsequent to JULY 1 2009 may continue to work (Article 12.01.2).


  • Sabbaticals:
    • Employee must apply in writing to Department Chair and Dean no later than 13 MONTHS preceding the Academic Year during which the sabbatical is requested (Article 10.04.2).
    • Department must submit evaluation of sabbatical request to Dean on or before JUNE 30 (Article 10.04.2).
    • Dean shall make recommendation to President on or before AUGUST 31(Article
    • President will communicate University decision to Employee by SEPTEMBER 30 (Article 10.04.3).
    • Employee returning from sabbatical must submit written report within 3 MONTHS of his/her return (Article 10.04.7).
  •  Leaves of Absence Without Salary:
    • Employees must apply not later than SEPTEMBER 1 prior to the Academic Year in which leave is planned (Article 10.05.6).
    • For leaves for which sabbatical leave credit, credit for eligibility for tenure and/or promotion, career progress increment and/or fringe benefits are sought, Employee  shall apply to Department Chair and Dean, who, after consulting with Chair, shall make a recommendation to the President by OCTOBER 1 (Article  10.05.7).
    • For leaves for which none of the above-mentioned credits and/or benefitsare sought, Employee shall apply to President AT THE EARLIEST POSSIBLE TIME (Article 10.05.8).
    • President shall communicate decision by OCTOBER 15 (Article 10.05.9); in “appropriate circumstances”, President may substitute LATER DATES than those given in 10.05.6 & 10.05.9 (Article 10.05.10). 
  • Parenting Leave: for maternity leave, child care and adoption leave, the mother/parents must advise Dean of the expected date of delivery or adoption, anticipated commencement date and duration of leave AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE (Article 10.07.1, 10.07.2, &  
  • Reduced Load: if the Employee is requesting a reduced load, she/he must give “sufficient notice”, “normally” 9 MONTHS (Article 17.05.1). 
  • Limited Term Appointments:  When Employer does not replace sabbatical or other leaves with LTAs as requested by Department, VPA shall issue report within 15 DAYS of denial and shall transmit it to Department & Union (Article